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​​​Choosing the Right Property Manager

Choosing the right property management company from among the dozens in the Bryan College Station area can be a daunting task. We want to take some of the stress out of the decision making for you.

Before deciding which companies to interview, sit down and identify your needs and goals for the property in question. Do you need full time property management service, or do you want help with only certain aspects of your business? Do you need a manager to live on-site? Would you prefer to work with a large company that has multiple locations and lots of resources, or would you rather work with a small “hands on” business, where you will likely receive more personal attention?

Once you've decided on your criteria and narrowed your search, take a close look at the following aspects of any property management company you interview.

Company Expertise: Many property management companies are willing to take on a variety of property types, it is not uncommon for a company to have an area of particular expertise, or to heavily prefer managing certain property types. It's also not uncommon for a property management company to focus heavily on a particular skill such as “leasing”, providing regular inspections, or handling the administrative responsibility of an income property. When you are evaluating a property management company, make sure your interests and those of the company are the same

Management Services: A proven management company should be able to describe their methods for leasing properties, types of lease forms, receipting of payment, contracting for routine maintenance, adhering to regulations, mediating disputes and response 24/7 for emergency situations. Additionally, every office should have an on-going training program for their staff for adherence to current law and knowledge of fair housing law.

Compensation:  A property management company will clearly define what the total monthly cost of their services will be whether a percentage, flat fee or a combination of both. In the management contract, all tasks and expectations are outlined to define what is included in the stated monthly, hourly, or fee basis. Note any additional charges and their disposition  (ie: returned check fees or late fees, identify who receives those monies, agent or owner)

Customer service: The property management company provides services for you and they represent you when dealing with owners, vendors, residents and the general public. You should expect professionalism and attention to detail always.

Apartments Plus Inc… takes pride in providing a “ hands on” approach to property management with updated knowledge and expertise in all multifamily housing.  We specialize in small individual type investor properties including houses, duplexes, 4 plexes, condos, townhomes, small apartment communities and small homeowner’s associations. At this time we do not provide on site property managers, all business is conducted from our office at 402 B Wellborn Rd N, College Station.  Our services are briefly outlined below and can be streamlined to meet your property needs,

Property Management Services:


-Property Inspections & Continuous Evaluation   


-Annual Budget Preparation                           


-Project Cost Analysis & Construction & Capital Improvement Oversight        


-Day-to-Day Operations                                            


-Monthly Financial Reporting                           


-Resident Relations                                     


-Professionally Trained and Experienced Staff 

-Resident Services including Marketing & Leasing:      




-Lease Forms      


-Lease Negotiations & Document Completion    


-Market Assessment                              


-Basic Website Creation and Management

We would welcome an opportunity to visit with you, view your property and offer you a property management proposal. Please, feel free to visit our website and contact us anytime with questions and for an appointment.                                        979-696-5487